💰 Send Funds to Your Wallet

Add DOGE to your MetaMask Wallet
The native token of DogeChain is $WDOGE, in order to send $DOGE from a CEX or from a Doge wallet to the DogeChain you must use the native bridge 👇
Step 1 : Connect your Metamask browser extension to the web app. Go to your Metamask wallet and follow the instructions to switch to the Dogechain mainnet.
Step 2 : Click on “Confirm” to reveal the Dogecoin address where you need to send your $DOGE.
Step 3 : Copy this address to your Dogecoin wallet and send the desired amount of $DOGE that you wish to bridge on the chain (minimum 100.0).
Step 4 : The protocol will wait for 6 network confirmations to mint the corresponding $wDOGE. Once the transfer is confirmed, it will send the tokens to your EVM Dogechain wallet.